Monday, May 9, 2011


alright, so i've been wanting to feature two companies im a HUGE fan of and that I think are putting out the absolutely most deadly inks in the graffiti world.

Oink Art has been killing it for some time now and is now for one of the most vicious black inks on the market. flow running and thin its deal for any mop or pump action markers. Oink Ink offers its inks in a pretty cool colorway ranging from classic Black to Blue, Red, Green and a super pigmented Blue that was a big hit with me.

Oink Art Ltd was nice enough to send me 3 already filled markers of its classic ink. in the lineup i have:

-Black in a medium Mop.

-Violet in a skinny Mini Mop

- and Blue that is in a HUGE 4 ounce Monster Mop.

these markers feature a woven fiber nib that is tough and can run the block as long as you do, putting it to work catching tags and drips on anything from signs, glass, concrete and even tile without streaking. you heard that right. zero streaks.

the ink features a pigment that runs so deep. each with their own aesthetic and able to shine and show a badass gloss finish but still strong enough to stain anything you put in its path. this is IDEAL for writing your name.

all 3 inks i did a test run with. once showing a small dot and to show the markers width and a line without squeezing and with squeezing. this is deal because you can have total control of your markers feel, the amount of ink released or make your name nice and tight with no drips. the choice is yours!

first up was Violet. this ink just ran the course and did the damn thing. a gloss that was a bit hard to capture with a camera but still did the job. free slowing and dripped with ease. this ink is seriously vicious and has a purple haze that may be mistaken for black.

next was blue in the Monster Mop, the width of this marker was unreal and so tough and rigid. the size alone was intimidating and will do serious damage on the streets.

lastly was classic Black in a medium mop. this width i found for this marker was PERFECT and it ran perfect.

one thing i loved about this marker and ink combo was that the body of the marker was much thinner and was able to produce drips without even asking for them, for me thats a plus because you are saving ink and still throwing down a dope noticeable tag.

all in all the Oink Art line is ideal for any writer that is looking for a CLEAN and GLOSSY but also HARD STAINING ink that will add character to every tag you are able to catch. its almost like cheating! much respect to Oink and James in Texas for hooking it up and making their section of the review happen.

up next is GLOP INK from Phoenix Arizona. right from the get go im a fan of this ink because 1. its labels are very descriptive. 2. they offer a Indoor and Outdoor 1. one bottle is ALCOHOL based and they the other is OIL based. this is already fun and im stoked. check it.

so up first is Glop Ink's indoor blend of VIOLET. this color is absolutely sick and alcohol based. its free flowing and would work perfectly in a mop, pump marker or even a calligraphy pen for black booking.

its a super dark blend that also has a tough pigment, im a fan of drips so this ink gives me exactly what im looking for. the markers casing tends to be a bit more harder than usual but this isnt necessarily a bad thing. its features a woven fiber nip that is hard working and will tackle all surfaces and cap that screws on VERY tight. no mess.

second up is Glop Ink's BLACK. its a outdoor OIL based ink that means one thing. this ink is made to stand the test of the time and not only be hard staining but thick and hard flowing. this ink is more ideal for a heavier mop such as medium sized mop or a classic NYC mop.

right out of the box this ink was particularly special because it has a mixing ball in it. this is crazy because this can only mean one thing HEAVY PIGMENT. no streaks and hard lines. this black ink gives a "tar black" feel and is serious business. although the Black didn't drip I think its because of the mop i chose to use. its pigment was a bit heavy and left my letters looking a bit streaky but is still a awesome tone and pigment. it is without doubt that this ink in a heavier mop will do the job and is ideal for panels, signs, glass and street boxes.

all in all both companies represent something i support highly INDEPENDENT BUSINESS. and in this particular case, inks for WRITERS by WRITERS that know exactly what they want.

now only do i suggest you check out all the products reviewed here today but take a trip over to and and chose your poison. no matter what equipment and markers you choose, you will eb sure to be leaving a lasting impression, a impossible to buff and if you choose; a extremely drippy mess.



I never do something like this and tell people whats coming up with but it will help us both remember. im not too sure how many of you actually check this page out, but i appreciate every single person who pays it a visit. with real life getting in the way things have slowed down a bit but im excited for these features and things to release on here:

-ink and marker review brought to you by Oink Art Ltd and Glop Ink of Phoenix Arizona.

-Xibalba Live @ Chain Reaction video.

-Black Breath Live @ Scion Rock Fest. entire set.

-Soul Search interview and feature on their new record from Triple B records.

-Focused Minds interview and feature. Midwest Hardcore.

- Broken Needle Live @ Fernando's House entire set.

a small look into whats going to come up. thanks for checking this out!


the team over at - have teamed up with Oink Art LTD and Sabatoz to bring this short film feature on Chicago based AMUSE. this is one of the most well done videos i've seen, from live painting to editing and good jams. this video gives a true feel at how raw and secretive the graffiti world is and what it takes to make a name for yourself.

make sure to take a visit to because they are doing some really awesome stuff with everything graffiti lated.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Rotting Out. the words ring familiar in the ears of anyone involved in hardcore and punk in the last 5 years, Rotting Out is an unstoppable force of hardcore with blends of punk that blend with influences from Suicidal Tendencies to Pennywise and everywhere in between. fast, aggressive and extremely Los Angeles.

Rotting Out is especially unique and original because not only do they pay tribute to such classic and historic hardcore punk sounds from Los Angeles and Southern California in general but also add their own twist to things. Rotting Out has seen a few member changes but has steadily claimed its title as one of Southern California's heaviest hitters. conquering tours from across the entire US with such acts as Expire, Soul Search like this past summer, to smashing stages at legendary summer festivals as United Blood, Rainfest, Triple B Showcase and California's well known Sound and Fury Festival.

STREET PROWL is the bands first LP and its a 24 minute, circle pitting, headbanging, stage ripping, pit swinging crowd chanting anthem to a Los Angeles hardcore scene that is built for a triumph like Street Prowl.

the record starts with the albums title "Street Prowl" and from the first 30 seconds it takes you a journey of very fast paced guitar work and nonstop riffing, a deep bass tone that compliments the extremely fast and busy drum work.

Street Prowl does not take a break, with quick transitions and old school punk bass and drum work that makes you want to shred sidewalks on a skateboard. this is seriously riffed out, from begging to end.

Street Prowl's lyrics content covers everything from experience seen and felt from Los Angeles. this album speaks LA to me in a very serious way. what I really liked about Street Prowl is that no matter who you are, where you live or what you've experienced this record seems to make you feel the streets of Los Angeles and Southern California. gritty, raw and in your face. just like our reputation. dont cast Street Prowl out as your typical fast paced record that has no subtsnace, you feel every sentence of pain, fustration and pissed off youth in every track.

previously released to the public via internet and are the tracks: Laugh Now Die Later and S.B.T.S (Swallowed by The Streets) that are definitely some very serious stand out tracks with breaks that are unforgiving and make you want to put your fist through a wall.

California is known for its circle pits, raw live shows and some of the most insane stage dives known to the scene. Street Prowl paints a picture of a hardcore scene deeply rooted in pissed off youth that is REAL. you will get zero sugarcoating with this record.

a track that stands out like a sore thumb is a slower paced transitioned "Iron Jawed Angel" that is sets up as story about a rough up bringing in an abusive home, a mother that is providing for a family and is the victim of abuse. the break in this track calls out this father figure and makes me see a younger child in a family that has always wanted to tell their pain and what they gained from living in such a horrible situation.

so many tracks range from issues about past relationships that i personally relate to more than anything else on record. feeling betrayed, looked down on and not good enough. the track "Goddamn" did that for me. although these are my personal takes on the tracks, it may or not be the point thats pushed but what i really enjoy about a record with a intensity such as Street Prowl is that makes me FEEL what is being said. hardcore is a very strong rooted lifestyle of unity, a place to go where the rest of the world hasn't accepted you and somewhere to finally fit in. lyrical content in hardcore is as important as the raw sound follows. lyrics pave the way to feelings and experiences. Steet Prowl does just that.

Rotting Out will be playing Sound and Fury Festival 2011 and pre-orders for Street Prowl are up NOW.

all in all, this record is absolutely perfect to me, a perfect blend of fast paced punk, passion filled with storytelling and experiences everyone can relate to and a home grown California circle pit aesthetic that crowns Los Angeles as the home for real hardcore.

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and make sure to head over to 6131records and pre-order Street Prowl.

thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


EXPIRE is a up and coming hardcore band from the Midwest that is a force to be reckoned with. they have NYHC blend of heaviness mixed with a groove that really adds to their aesthetic. with most tracks not even topping 2 minutes they are in your face, direct and real. this hardcore in its purest form. I got a chance to see what they are all about recently, check it out.

ATW: What's up guys? who am i speaking with and what do you do in EXPIRE?

Zach: My name's Zach and I play guitar in Expire.

ATW: You guys are relatively new, how did EXPIRE come to be?

Zach: In late summer '09 I was living in Chicago. I wanted to start a new band because my old band was coming to an end. I got a hold of our old bass player and our drummer Marcus andI started bussing up to Milwaukee to write and practice. Josh came into the picture after the demo was written, did his thing and that was that. We recorded the demo in late August of 2009 and played our first show in September.

ATW: Awesome. what do you feel that Midwest Hardcore is bringing to the table and people should pay attention to as of late?

Zach: Most bands from the Midwest have always been very greatful for what they have, big or small. I think that's something that's definitely lacking in hardcore right now. Aside from gas prices always rising, it's very easy to tour if you're organized and have the drive. The thing that I feel like sets Midwest bands apart in that is they don't take that for granted. On the coasts, you can play a week of shows and never be more than 6 hours from home where as in the Midwest, 4 hours is a short drive. Little things like that I feel really set it apart. Not to say that there aren't bands from the coasts that don't appreciate being able to tour and appreciate what they have. But more times than not, bands from around here have to work for every single thing that they have where as sometimes on the coasts I feel like that isn't the case.

ATW: In your opinion what were favorite time in hardcore so far? best shows? memories, your area or others, tours etc etc.

Zach: I've been going to shows since I was 14 and I can honestly say that I get more and more excited about hardcore everyday. So as far as my favorite time in hardcore? It would have to be today. And tomorrow, it will probably be tomorrow. Not going to lie, I have the worst memory in the world when it comes to shows haha. I can't remember half of the tours I've been on. All I can say is that everytime we play Cedar Falls IA, St. Louis MO or Ann Arbor MI, my mind gets blown.

ATW: I personally checked you guys out around almost a year and a half ago, Grim Rhythm shows a heavier but groovier aesthetic to your band, how was the reaction to that 7" and how is Suffer The Cycle different?

Zach: Suffer The Cycle is definitely still an Expire record. Anyone who's listened to us knows that not everyone of our songs are going to sound the same. We take bits and pieces from what we like, mold them together and throw our own spin on them. If you liked Grim Rhythm I don't think you will be disappointed.

ATW: What tours have you done? I saw you guys at sound and fury and i was absolutely blown away, not only was i stoked because i was familiar with you guys but i actually saw people, including my friends walk over to the area you guys were playing and say "wow, holy shit" or "who are these dudes?".

Zach: That's fucking great man, little things like you saying that are why I'm still so stoked on hardcore. Well our first show was actually the first day of our first tour, as complicated as that sounds haha. So we've pretty much been touring since we started. It's a lot harder for bands from our area to get recognized if they don't know how to work for it aka don't know how to tour, so we've been touring pretty consistently since we started.

ATW: Whats coming up for EXPIRE?

Zach: Well we leave Monday with Alpha & Omega and Take Offense which will be awesome. Both of those bands new LP's rip. After that we head out with Harm's Way and Venia for a few weeks then in June/July we have a full US tour set up with Minus, Soul Search and Twitching Tongues. We have a few more things in the works but nothing that's solid. Needless to say, we could not be more stoked about everything we have coming up.

ATW: Take this time to shout out some hardworking bands from your area that you think people should get into if they haven't already.

Zach: All the midwest hardcore bands who are working hard. Agress, Former Theives, Harm's Way, Bent Life, Iron Rain, Face Reality, Focused Minds and Homewrecker. Be on the look out for us on the road this year. Also a shout out to anyone with a dog, let us stay with you on tour so I can kick it with your pooch. Thanks for the interview Joe.

ATW: Thanks guys!

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Fuck the Los Angeles City Ordinance.

a $2,000 dollar fine for what? for kids displaying an art form that was ALLOWED by this properties owner? the city of Los Angeles has its fucking head shoved so far up its ass. it is cultural tradition in so many cities in Southern California to pay tribute to art and show our roots. city ordinances like this are setting out to strip our culture and live in a white washed PAID FOR advertisement driven bullshit society.

in other words, unless you have enough money to buy a billboard, your expression is NOT valuable. fuck this way of thinking.